Sunday, 11 November 2012

One, two, three

This past week was fairly eventful and it was lovely to be finished off with my sister coming home for the weekend. Over the last few days, I've enjoyed spending time as a family and doing some work before another busy college week starts. I am however, looking forward to going to a private viewing show at the Tate on Thursday...I'll keep you posted! Have a lovely week! 

The cutest video - currently a big guilty pleasure of mine

Three peas in a pod - the vases also remind me of garlic...randomly

Most definitely my favourite part of my room - my Chanel prints

Sunday, 4 November 2012

One, two, three

It's been nice to have a couple of days to chill and catch up on things, without work getting in the way. And the weather has made it even nicer. I think cold, crisp mornings with blue skies and sunshine is complete perfection.
I've also recently been enjoying researching the endless number of universities for next year...I honestly didn't realise there were so many! But it's getting me very excited about it all - just need to write the personal statement!

Embracing Halloween in a big way

The little black jacket 

The fireworks that crackle after they've exploded - so pretty

Monday, 29 October 2012

Cream of pumpkin soup

Everybody has a speciality in the kitchen. Chicken pie, spaghetti bolognese, cupcakes, maybe even cheese on toast. Mine is most definitely specific type, just soup. 
With Wednesday fast approaching and my little pumpkin sat outside waiting to be carved, I decided that today was the perfect opportunity to whip up a batch of pumpkin soup. I found a simple recipe and even went the extra mile with some croutons...

Sunday, 28 October 2012

One, two, three

I've never really been a big lover of Halloween. I mean, it was amazing when I was younger. I'd spend ages dressing up in bin bags with my sister and we'd pretend we were witches or ghosts, whilst dancing around a massive bonfire; however nowadays I think the decorations and hype of it is just all a bit too much. Weirdly enough, this year I'm actually looking forward to it. I'm going out for drinks with some friends and I have a pretty fabulous (if not rather creepy) looking costume, so it should be fun fun fun! 

Hope you all have a great halloween too...would love to hear what you have planned!

The little cola bottle in the middle of a sculpture at Liverpool Tate

Cosy, autumnal nights made even more perfect with my Orla Kiely candle

Saturday night + macaroni cheese + fair isle

Sunday, 21 October 2012

One, two, three

After what turned out to be a surprisingly chilled week, I'm now on holiday until the 29th. YES. With plans to meet up with friends and trips to visit a variety of different places, I'm actually pretty excited to have a week away from college. Just have to find time for a bit of artwork, somewhere in between.

Enjoy the week ahead!

Munchkin Pumpkins - appropriately named, I feel

Feeling ever so healthy by starting the day with this

A little bit of a redecoration 

Friday, 19 October 2012


 A few weeks back, whilst doing an innocent bit of internet shopping, I came across these fabulous things and instantly fell in love with the ampersand design. I decided that as much as I loved it, I was not willing to part with that amount of money and so hadn't really pursued it any further. I then came across this when I was in Hobbycraft the other day and after previously being so inspired, decided to create my own ampersand (using a similar idea) with some amazing paper from John Lewis and a little PVA. Here are the simple steps I took...

et voila....simple really!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Autumnal nails

I've read pretty much all of them. I think you've probably read pretty much all of them (Don't lie). Now I'm going to join the club and give you the five nail varnishes that I'm currently loving this Autumn. 

To start it all off is Raspberry by Barry M - I think this is my all time favourite nail polish (I'm wearing it as I type). It is a beautiful, deep cherry colour; perfect for any occasion, day or night. I think this is my third time of purchasing it. 

Next is Threadbare by Topshop - I'm a massive fan of Topshop nail varnishes; for the quality that you get, I think the price is amazing. This one is just a classic nude with a slight grey/beige tone, that looks great on anyone.

As you can probably already see, this is Rose Confidentiel by Chanel - there is a slight chance that I may have accidentally stolen this from my Mum (I'm a student. There is no way I can afford Chanel). Having said that, this polish is so wonderful in every way, that I think even I would part with the money to get this bad boy. 

This is Chateau by 17 - You may think that this is fairly similar to my Barry M choice, however once this is on your nails, the colour is much more red and there is a very subtle gold shimmer, that is perfect for an October party. 

Finally, I've chosen Khaki Force by Miss Sporty - I was quite surprised when I bought this, as green isn't really one of those colours that I go for when it comes to choosing nail varnish. Having said that, I am absolutely and completely IN LOVE with this one. It is so easy to apply (streak-free)and the colour is a gorgeous, dark green, that doesn't look harsh against your skin, in any way. 

What nail varnishes are you currently loving this autumn season?